About Us

Kuwait Osteoporosis Society is a medical gathering that was formed in 1999 by a group of physicians interested in the filed of osteoporosis. Members are of different specialties in the medical field in Kuwait.
 Its primary objective is the following:
1. Introduce medical professionals interested in osteoporosis in Kuwait to each other.
2. Exchange information, experience and knowledge about osteoporosis between professionals.
3. Encourage research collaboration between members of the association and between interested medical professionals in osteoporosis.
4. Reach out to government and public agencies to improve medical care in the field of osteoporosis.
5. Establish professional relationships with other similar regional and international osteoporosis societies and associations.
6. Represent Kuwait in international osteoporosis societies and agencies.
7. Take a public role in promoting osteoporosis awareness in Kuwait by proving medical information and public events and lectures.